This blog is for us.
Yeah. Out here it's a lot more peaceful and calming and the air is nice and there's lots of plants. It's very pretty.

I agree! It is very beautiful!

A part of daily life,,, That frequently? Like a routine checkup? Time to see if you remember your place?


Why is the city unpleasant? Is it just not as humble there, or is it something else?

Not as humble, and overall… not as peaceful.

Why him? Chassy's already been to that Room and he seems to have separated the idea of past him and current him. And he has a friend and all his family.

He has only been there once—and I would like to keep it that way.

Let him think about the experience as a freak accident, instead of as part of daily life.

Besides the Room what other punishments do they use?

Whatever they can think of, really. …I do not want to list them all.

Ahh I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked!! Er it's good that's it's stopped then well you've already said that huh um,,,so it's been uneventful, huh? Have you been doing anything much for fun?

Yes! Like… well I have been visiting the nearest city, and, while at times it is much more unpleasant than the country, it gives me a much better chance to stretch out and reconnect with humans!

Were you worried that the angels might hurt him or were you worried that the angels might hurt you to get back at him?

Considering that they picked me randomly to punish, I was afraid—yes, for myself—but mostly for my other siblings. Any one of them could be punished for Temperance’s actions.

Scary,,,fliers? What do you mean by scary? D:

You know, ones with scare tactics and like—describing what the angels would do to us and other content such as that.

I've been well! A lot better lately ;u; And yourself?

I’ve been well! It has been fairly uneventful, which is always a good thing!

Temperance has finally stopped sending scary fliers and visiting all the time with talk of revolution… frankly I am relieved…

He FINALY got a hat (for a day)!! So happy for you man.

Yes! It was fun while it lasted!