This blog is for us.
Been better? D= what's been happening?

Ah, it is nothing to worry about at this point. An angel was following me around, that is all.

Have you talked at all to Diligence's host yet?

Yes! Ryan is very friendly and down-to-earth. He is taking this very well. It is… actually calming me down quite a bit.

hey there humility, how's it shakin?

It has… been better.

Tiras looks around from their perch on the tree, frowning slightly. There are homes within sight, and in the direction Humility had been heading before.., A good place to continue trying to pursue him as any. Tiras flies to the edge of the treeline, focusing on their form until the image of their wings and halo fade away, to avoid rousing human panic as they walk briskly into the suburbs.

Humility reached a certain apartment and knocked on the door frantically, tempted for a split second to climb in through the window.

The door was opened by a man with dark hair and a plaid shirt who slowly raised his eyebrows at the Virtue.

Humility stared at the human for a moment before glancing behind himself quickly. The human had to be a host—any other would just look at the open door and not see anything. He had the right place after all.

"Is Diligence home?" the Virtue asked with a small squeak.

Instantly, a woman popped out of a room, with bright red hair and a paper-white body. “Humility…?” she said, her frown quickly changing into a bright smile. “What brings you—”

Humility, though he felt a small amount of guilt, ignored her pleasantries and ran past the human to hide behind her. “An angel is following me,” he whispered from behind her.

Diligence straightened up, her eyes flashing with understanding. “Ah,” she said quietly, looking over at Ryan. “Stay inside.” she told the human. “I have someone to deal with.”

She walked out the apartment and stood quietly on the balcony, observing for a moment. Either the angel would appear, or it would get spooked and leave. She knew she should hope for the latter, but…

Her fingers were almost twitching to meet this angel that had scared her brother so badly. It wasn’t a secret how Humility was treated in Heaven.

O-Oh? You've b-been a hermit li-like Brother is a-all the time? Th-That's never g-good. *Says the one who hardly ever gets out.*

No, not a hermit! Just… relaxing, a bit. Things have been wild in a short amount of time.

Won't running just make things worse?

M—maybe, but things will be a lot less worse if I can just—just not be by myself!

They squint, soon losing sight of just exactly where the Virtue is through the dense tree cover. This isn't doing them any good, its likely just making Humility more and more panicked, and with that in mind, they land as best they can in one of the trees. "Humility?" Tiras calls out, in as gentle a tone as they use in class. "I know you're afraid, but I promise, I haven't come to harm you!"

Humility sped up as fast as he could. As nice as the angel sounded—and for all he knew, perhaps it was a nice angel, though highly unlikely—Humility refused to talk to them or deal with them alone. He wasn’t sure exactly what could go wrong, but he knew it was a lot of things.

Not too far now, he thinks as the country ended and the road of the suburbs began.

Tiras waits, raising an eyebrow at the sound of hurried footsteps. He's run off then.., But they're too curious to leave now. They fly up and land on the roof of the house, sighing at the Virtue's back. This isn't going to be fun.., only dangerous! But they take to the air again, calmly following above Humility.

The Virtue hears the angel flying above him, and begins to panic. The angel was following him! What did they want?

He hid under a tree for a moment. He had to go to someone. He… he didn’t want to be caught alone.

Temperance’s house was the closest, but… knowing Temperance, he would do something drastic to any angel that was bothering him.

He held his breath for a moment before starting up again with the dash. If she still lived in the same place… then Diligence was the next closest.

Tiras flies down nearby the Virtue's home, hoping to themselves that Humility has yet to see them. They don't want to frighten him, though that might be inevitable. For now, they simply observe the home from a distance.

Humility has long been tuned to catching the soft sound of wing flapping, and he freezes as the sound nears his house.

One landed. It was nearby. His breath catches and he backs into the wall, suddenly wishing he wasn’t alone. Perhaps he could sneak out? Or… would they be waiting for him to leave his house?

The Virtue tightens his fists, trying to stay calm, taking a slow breath before slipping out the window and dashing the opposite direction he had heard the angel.

Was it military? Had Michael sent them? Or… even worse, just a lesser angel who had come to mess with him? He doubted it was some kind of coincidence.

Whoever it was, Humility wasn’t staying. He had to go somewhere else. To someone else.

I've been good. I just came to check in since it's been a wh--... oh. Glad to be back..?

Ah, it has been a while, has it not…

I apologize. I should be… a more diligent brother when it comes to visiting the other Virtues.