This blog is for us.
I've been good. I just came to check in since it's been a wh--... oh. Glad to be back..?

Ah, it has been a while, has it not…

I apologize. I should be… a more diligent brother when it comes to visiting the other Virtues.

Y-Yeah. It.. It h-has been a wh-while. L-as time I wa-was here I- *Cuts himself off. Nevermind.* I-I'm.. probably g-good. How're y-you?

I am doing well, thank you! However, I have been out of touch with… things for a while now.

*Beni knocks on Humiity's door* H-Hello?

Ah, hello! It has been a while. How are you, Beni?

throw it at something in your yard! something easily reachable if it doesn't come back haha

Ah, I apologize… it looks like the moment has passed.

Happy Birthdays to you. Here. Lemon cupcake.

My… birthday?

flexiblereincarnation replied to your post: “You..ought to practice flight while you can. It could come in handy.”:
Mm, I didn’t know that. Is it like floating?

The little angel nods. “Yes, mostly.”

how about bara angel humility

You feel a lot lighter? You really are a Hummybird now!

Hehe, I guess so!

Your age in numbers has nothing to do with the way you look.

Yes… but that typically is a classification for underage boys.

…Surely you can understand why that label… makes me uncomfortable.

do you know if you can still heal ?

Of course! Angels are capable of healing magic as well!